Frequently Asked Questions

Can I vote in Hawaii if I’m a student or stationed here with the military?
Yes, as long as you “intend to make Hawaii your home.” That is an ambiguous and unenforceable standard, but the intent is to separate those who care about Hawaii as their home from people who know they are only temporary visitors. If you are registered in another state, but want to vote in Hawaii there is a space on the voter reg form to switch your voting state. (#9 on the form). You cannot vote in more than one state, so you need to choose one place where you want to be registered.

Can I register if I am homeless/houseless?
Yes, you can. Your “RESIDENCE ADDRESS IN HAWAII” can be a description of where you are currently staying – it can be a public park, a street corner/intersection, or other specific landmark. Your “MAILING ADDRESS” should be a consistent address where communications from the Office of Elections, your ballot, etc. can be sent – it can be a PO Box or a friend’s mailing address.

What’s the difference between “Residence Address” vs. “Mailing Address”?
“Residence Address” is used to determine which district you are eligible to vote in. For example, if you live in Manoa, and you list that as your residence at the time of registration, you will be able to vote for representatives of the Manoa District in the upcoming elections. “Mailing Address” is the place where you will receive communications from the Office of Elections including your voter confirmation card, and your ballot if you want to vote absentee.

If you’re moving during the Summer what is the best address to use on the registration form?
You may list as your “Residence Address” the address in Hawaii in the neighborhood where you want to vote. Then, you can list as your “Mailing Address” the place you will be during the summer and the Office of Elections will send confirmations, ballots, etc. to that address. If you will be out of State (or off island) during the summer, then, you should fill out the Application for Absentee Voter Ballot and be sure to list the address where your ballots can be mailed to you. You will be responsible for mailing in your ballot on time.

What happens once you’re registered?
You will receive a yellow card in the mail (sometime in June or July) to confirm your mailing address and other voter information. As long as the card is not returned to sender, or someone rejects it ie saying this person no longer gets mail here, it will be considered confirmed. You can call the County Elections Clerk at (808) 768-3800 to confirm whether you are registered to vote.

Can I vote if I was convicted of a felony and/or incarcerated?
Yes, as long as you are not current incarcerated you can vote in Hawaii.

Can I register if I am a citizen of:

Guam? Individuals born in Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands after November 1986 are considered U.S. citizens, so yes, they can vote in US elections.

American Samoa or Micronesia? U.S. Nationals, such as individuals born in American Samoa or Micronesia are not normally qualified to vote (unless they are also natural born or a naturalized U.S. citizen).