Election Endorsements

Hawaiʻi Center for Food Safety Action Fund endorses the following candidates for the Hawaiʻi State House and Senate for the 2016 Primary and General Elections, based on their responses to our questionnaire and their legislative track record, listed below.



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All candidates for the Hawaiʻi State Senate and House were sent a copy of our endorsement questionnaire. Click here to see the candidates responses.  

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2016  Hawaiʻi Center for Food Safety Action Fund Candidate Questionnaire:

  1. Do you support increasing the amount of food that is grown in the state of Hawai`i?
  2. Do you support legislation that would improve and increase access to locally grown food?
  3. Do you support, and if elected, will you vote to increase financial and programmatic support for organic, regenerative and other forms of sustainable farming?
  4. Do you support funding state programs that expand support (including loans, business planning, safety-certification, education and grants-in-aid) for farmers growing food crops?
  5. Do you support and, if elected, will you vote to require all agrichemical companies to disclose the pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers they apply and the genetically engineered (GE) crops they grow to adjacent landowners, businesses, and residents?
  6. If elected, will you work to strengthen state pesticide regulations by supporting no-spray buffer zones and the planting of “green screens” around sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals to protect the public from potential exposure to pesticides?
  7. If elected, will you work to secure funding for state agencies to conduct robust public health and environmental monitoring for pesticides across the state, especially for communities in close proximity to agribusinesses applying large amounts of pesticides annually?
  8. Do you support legislation that would preserve and protect native species, including pollinators, adversely affected by increased pesticide use in the state?
  9. If elected, will you support policies to protect public rights to water access and support programs that protect water quality?
  10. Do you support food education in public schools, such as nutrition, culinary, and garden programs, including the procurement of fresh, local foods to be served in public school cafeterias?
  11. Do you support the labeling of foods that have been genetically engineered?
  12. If elected, will you vote to preserve the home-rule of counties over agriculture?
  13. If elected, will you support government transparency by supporting measures to reduce the influence of corporate money in politics and state elections?